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Welcome to Pickering Window Replacement, where you buy from us - we don't sell to you!

Pickering Window Replacement is a privately owned manufacturer of vinyl windows, doors and screening products. The range of our products is compatible with aluminum products, allowing the company to create high security vinyl products at far more competitive prices than it has ever been possible to achieve.

Although founded in 2003, Pickering Window Replacement has become one of the leading and one of the most respected vinyl window and door manufacturing companies in Canada.

The company employs a stable and experienced workforce of about 200 staff working in modern, comprehensively equipped manufacturing facility spanning approximately 80,000 square feet.

The company is located in Toronto Ontario, we serve the Greater Toronto Area, Oshawa, Pickering, London, Hamilton, Brampton and Milton. We are continuously expanding our areas of operations.

Pickering Window Replacement Office

We pride ourselves in being one of the most innovative window manufacturers, in respect of the materials, designs and construction used in our products; which stem from our philosophy to:

  • Create products keeping in mind the wide range of customer needs, trends and preferences;
  • Carry out a wide consultation with all potential users prior to their design and production;
  • Produce a product range that incorporates many features and design benefits that are simply not available in other similar products.

Pickering Window Replacement Factory

We all know what window companies and their salespeople are like. It's an industry based upon hard-selling and relentless canvassing.

At Pickering Window Replacement, we like to do things differently. Why are we different? Simple.

  • We believe that it is more important for our staff to know about our products and services than about selling sales tactics;
  • Unlike most window companies, we don't have commissioned sales representatives, door and telephone canvassers or marketing managers on staff;
  • We do not spend money on costly advertisements;
  • In fact, in an industry which spends an average of 25% of what you pay just getting your order, we spend less than 2%. This means we invest more in the quality of our products, installation and service - and pass those savings on to you.

We believe the quality of what we provide speaks for itself. We discuss your needs with you and provide you with a free quote. Then it's up to you. No pressure. No phone calls. No sales visits.

The look and feel of your windows and doors should naturally be as attractive as your home, style and specifications:

  • First an experienced member of our team will inspect each window with you and fully explain any problems they might find;
  • Next the quote we send you is broken down in such a way as to allow you to choose the exact service you require;
  • If you prefer we can stage the renovation program to suit your schedule and budget;
  • Installation is carried out by our experienced team;
  • Thorough follow up service.

We encourage you to use our website as a source of inspiration for your next building project. Please enjoy.

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